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Niño de Atocha Collectors Edition

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Holy Infant of Atocha - Niño de Atocha

The Holy Infant of Atocha is an image of Jesus when he was still a child.

It is said that the devotion to the Holy Infant of Atocha began in Toledo, Spain, in the 11th or 12th century, when the faithful removed a statue of the Infant from the lap of the Virgin Mary, and dressed it in a very special way.

In the 13th century, the inhabitants of Atocha were imprisoned by the Muslims, and only children under the age of 12 were allowed to bring them food. Legend has it that some prisoners were fed by a child dressed as a pilgrim. The prisoners' wives noticed that the shoes on the statue of the Infant with the Blessed Virgin became dirty and tattered. Whenever new shoes were put on, they quickly became worn. The people of Atocha concluded that the child who fed the prisoners was Infant Jesus.

Over time many were the miracles attributed to the Holy Infant of Atocha, venerated today throughout the world.

More information:

  • 3.55" height.
  • Gift boxed for easy giving and receiving
  • Figurine
  • Very high quality resin and only new materials
  • Beautifully hand painted
  • Perfect gift for any occasion, for a child, parent, grand-parent, teacher.
  • Highly collectible (limited edition)