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Guardian Angels by Little Drops of Water®

Guardian angels are special, and they can bring their special blessing to your home. Find your Guardian Angel of the month with these two very special collections, our Musical Guardian Angels and our Baby Guardian Angels all available now.

Each of our Baby Guardian Angels hold special messages, such as our February Angel "Welcome to my home" holding the iconic fruit pineapple a symbol of friendship and hospitality. Our August Guardian Angel, is our guardian of "Free Spirit" also offered for Confirmation, if you are blessed with a daughter like ours, you will understand how special this Guardian Angel is, as it serves to protect and preserve the unique and special free spirit of Adult or Child. These special Angels can either be associated to a birth month or simply to commemorate a special time or event in a given month.


When you are searching for that perfect gift for a loved one, a family member, a friend, or a colleague in need of a boost, or simply to celebrate a special moment, or offer some heartfelt protection, our little Angels are here to help!

In addition to our range of Guardian Angels, we also have over 50 different Guardian Angel figurines, which include our Baptism Baby Angels holding a Holy Water Font, First Communion Baby Angels, Confirmation Baby Angels and our Money Bank Angels all available is four different sizes and in our signature Baby Pink, Baby Blue or brilliant White.



To receive more information on our collection of Angels, please contact us. We are always looking for strong and committed distributors in key markets, if you are interested please email us on

Retailers, our wholesale B2B platform is live and ready to process your orders, visit Wholesale B2B Professional Buyers. For distributors interested in this collection, catalogs with pricing and minimum orders will be available upon request.


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