Saint Paul of the Cross statue

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Saint Paul of the Cross

Saint Paul of the Cross was born in Italy in 1694. He founded the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ. He spent his life planting the cross of Christ in the people’s hearts, because everything is in the Passion. From the wounds of Christ he learned wisdom, and from His blood, the vigor. In Saint Paul everything revolves around the mystery of the Cross and he wanted to set fire to the whole world with love. His legacy to the Congregation was: Love the Church; live in prayer, loneliness and poverty; live in reciprocal love; contemplate the Crucified and preach to all the Passion of Jesus. For him, God is closer to us than we are to ourselves: much closer than the skin is from our flesh. He wrote to one person, “Oh my soul, how do you forget your God? God dwells in you, you are the temple of God. God is in you, outside of you is God, you breathe in God, walk in God, act in God. Oh joy! Oh Love! Oh fire of charity!”

Saint Paul feast day is celebrated on October 19.

Our figurines are:

  • 3.5" height.
  • Hand painted.
  • Individually packed in a personalised box.
  • Decoration item.
  • Makes a great gift.
  • Fun way to learn about Saints and Faith.
  • Educators, teachers and parents love them.

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