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FREE SHIPPING On all orders $99+ (excludes mugs, pillows, tees, face masks and bodysuits).
FREE SHIPPING On all orders $99+ (excludes mugs, pillows, tees, face masks and bodysuits).

Baby boy angel Collectors Edition

$ 12.50

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Baby boy angel Collectors Edition

Many times in the Bible, God sends his angels on a mission to bring good news, send help in times of trouble, give warning, offer our prayers to God, and more! They are God’s little soldiers!

Let this Baby Boy Angel statue remind you of God’s great love for you that He sends angels your way to guide and protect you. In fact, the Bible says that little children have angels with guaranteed intercessory access to the Father in heaven. 

May this serve as a reminder to someone of the special detail God puts in his life. 

More information:

  • Gift boxed for easy giving and receiving
  • Figurine
  • Very high quality resin and only new materials
  • Beautifully hand painted
  • Perfect gift fro any occasion, for a child, parent, grand-parent, teacher.
  • Our figurines are the perfect way to introduce children to Catholicism. 
  • 3.7" H 

Why do we call our figurines "touchables"?

Our figurines aren't toys but tools to introduce children to Catholicism. Our figurines are decorative items and children over 3+ should handle our figurines only under adult supervision. 

Collectors Edition

The Little Drops of Water Collectors Edition was developed for the U.S. market. The figurines are manufactured with very high quality raw materials, hand painted, with more vibrant colours and packed in a lovely color box, developed by Rebecca Loomis, a talented artist, Catholic located in North Carolina.